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Next Generation Process  Control: #RelaxC (#Relaxc Controller)

#RelaxC: Keep the control of your processes with a Stochastic Gradient Descent on Time Varying Parameters plus Delay

Before you read anything, just watch:

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Performance: One algorithm to do it all

Relaxc is an amazing control expert law in a simple Elementary Function Block (EFB). Whatever the complexity of your processes, Relaxc allows you to tune any process control loop with just 5 simple auto-tuning graphic rules in order to achieve optimal control performance without any complex mathematics analysis.

Get the most out of your processes: Replace your IMC( Internal model controller) , MPC(Model Predictive Control), PFC(Predictive Functional Control), ADRC (Active Disturbance rejection controller), LQG, LQR, Kalman,Fuzzy, ... and of course your PID by Relaxc. Just plug it and save your time and money into the commissioning, the effort of maintenance, process engineering design and release your innovation.

In yellow: Comparison of waste between Relaxc and a PID with respect to load disturbance rejection.
In yellow: Comparison of waste between Relaxc and a PID tuned by the Automatic tuning  in Simulink®   with respect to load disturbances rejection.

Use cases of #Relaxc: Change of paradigm

With Relaxc Nothing has ever been easier to do in  advanced control and to get the  optimal trajectory of your nonlinear process:
Create a linear or non-linear filter, observer or  a controller on a virtual measurement or via a nonlinear/linear internal model and importantly overcome  the heaviness and complexity of Kalman.

Use relaxc in all stages of your  engineering design

To tune Relaxc: Just identify 3 physical parameters td, tlag and the speed 

For example for all the type of processes as: 
Relaxc_TF relaxc_second_order

 For the other processes "
 Detailled tuning

Download the Relaxc Bibliography on Research Gate and explore the functionalities in Advanced control, Experiment cases of Relaxc.

How to get Relaxc

 Relaxc is under  End-User License Agreement ("EULA")

Relaxc works  under Shneider Electric devices (MODICON) or STRATON PLC ( Windows, Rapberry) and SIMULINK®

Relaxc experts in process integration and optimization for sustainability, energy consumption , advanced control   are available in several countries:France,USA,United Kingdom,Austria,Colombia, etc

Where I can use  Relaxc : A good alternative to improve your industrial processes

Relaxc covers all the industrial fields where  it is necessary to obtain quickly and effortlessly  the best secure response for your processes.

Plant & Machine,


Building Operation  

Machine Automation,



Minerals & Cement,



space industry,



Plant & Machine,


Building Operation,

Energy Efficiency,

Power Protection,

Power Quality,

Power Reliability,

Renewable Energy,

Oil & Gas,

Process Automation,

Smart Cities,

Solar & Energy Storage,

Water & Wastewater,



Smart Design & Engineering,

Smart Operations,


Electricity Companies,

Food & Beverage,


Life Sciences,


 microprocessor manufacturing,



Just  try Relaxc! it is to adopt it!



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