Relaxc overview

Whatever your process Appedge can help you to control/optimize and design it


Industrial Scope coverered by Relaxc

You can apply Relaxc anywhere!

The new version 5 of #RelaxC is the Swiss army knife and the way to succes for all decision-makers, engineers, technicians and students, whatever their sector of activity, who wish to accelerate their projects instantly obtaining maximum performance for their processes:
UAV, avionics, marine, military equipment, water treatment, biology, chimical, management and production of energy (Smart building, furnace,oven), machine tools, motors, machines, stock management of production, CPU load forecast for data center, building temperature (HVAC), alternative to Kalman (filter or observer), deep learning applications, ..

Relaxc and Process Engineering tools

For designing , innovating and optimizing your processes : Relaxc is available with :

Relaxc Loop under Simulink

  • Matlab simulink
  • Ecosimpro
  • Amesim
  • Gtpower
  • Maple
  • ...

  • or any other software coupled with Matlab/Simulink
  • Relaxc and Automation Engineering:

    PLC, PLCSOFT specialist OEM (original equipment manufacturer), Relaxc is available on:

  • Schneider ( Modicon ,Unity, EAE),
  • Straton-PLC,
  • Codesys,
  • Other platforms are also possible: Siemens, ABB, Rockwell, Yokogawa, Emerson, Honeywell,....
  • Raspberry, Arduino, PIC, ...
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    The Appedge team can help you to find the best control and design for your process

  • If you want a simple, quick and efficient solution to control your process
  • If you have some difficulties with to control your (SISO, MIMO) process loop ( PID, PFC, IMC, MPC, ...) (SISO, MIMO) loops
  • To streamline the control loops and reduce the deployement complexity and expensive control law: #Relaxc becomes a standard for advanced control. Just one block for all your process
  • To save time, energy and reduce CO2 emissions and in the same time increase the quality of your product
  • To evaluate Relaxc : ask a trial version
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    Any question :

    Relaxc Applications

  • Relaxc Vs Kalman and Features
  • Relaxc Vs MPC in multivariable
  • Straton PLC and Relaxc For OEMs Compagnies
  • Bibliography
  • Video: How to tune an inverted pendulum with a single parameter without to use and calibrate a model based

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