Enhanced calibration & Digital Twin

Ecalibration is a useful tools to enhance human intelligence to solve transient problems depending of time and many parameters. It can be seen has a cognitive technology in the analysis temporal results with respect to their parameters. It reinforces the role human intelligence in the expertise, knowledge, explanation of the role and influence or cumulate influence of the parameters of the outputs.

It allows to predict the behavior of the simulation of model when we have a loss or gain on one or more parameter and to understand the relationships between them without to redo fastidious simulations. Thus it allows to augmented intelligence or collaborative intelligence in the analysis of the simulator in partnership with the expert.

Today, the simulator is more complexes, because the system studied are also more complicated. Even if the computers are more efficient, the number of parameters of the simulator increases and the time of simulation becomes more consuming. Manually calibrate a simulator is time consuming and often not feasibly humanly. However, this work is necessary if a predictive simulator is required i.e. in adjusting temporal response of the simulator Ecalibration allows to generate accurate simulation in a very short time frame. Ecalibration is the solution to save time and money by setting parameters of various simulators and improving accuracy and efficiency.

Ecalibration allows a fast exploration of numerous designs of physical and mathematical models by managing parameters.

#Ecalibration has already been used with FLUENT, CONVERGE-CFD, Simulink, EcosimPRO software to manage models parameters and to perform fast calibration.

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